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Consumers: Healthcare Feeds

Please note the feeds below are for the Healthcare Consumers Gateway only.
For feeds from other gateways, please refer to the rss feeds within your sector of interest.
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Sample RSS Feed: Press Room »

Below is a sample of the RSS Feed for the Healthcare Consumers Press Room.

Healthcare in South Africa – consumers have their say

At the end of last year, the Competition Commission conducted an inquiry of the private healthcare sector to get to the bottom of the industry’s overinflated prices. At the same time, a healthcare consumer ...
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Rare Disease Day puts the spotlight on research and awareness

Approximately 50% of the people affected by rare diseases are children. [i] Of these young patients, 30% will not live to see their 5th birthday. [ii] Furthermore, rare diseases are responsible for 35% of deaths ...
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Self-injury taking its toll

In an ever-changing world where teenagers and young adolescents are increasingly confronted with new challenges, peer pressure, demanding relationships and the like, the growing phenomenon of self-harm as a means ...
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New eMalahleni water crisis and electricity put pressure on hospitals

Early last night, 21 February, the Directorate of Technical Services at eMalahleni Municipality announced that the power breaks effected by Eskom which is in dispute with the local authority have affected its water ...
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Update on Eskom power cuts to hospitals in Mpumalanga

Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA) update on statement issued last week regarding power cuts to hospitals in Mpumalanga   The hospitals potentially affected by the power cuts include: eMalahleni ...
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South Africans urged to engage with 2017 Budget

Pretoria: South Africans are urged to engage with the 2017 National Budget Speech that Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will table in Parliament on Wednesday. “The presentation of the National Budget is an ...
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Eskom cuts power to hospitals in Mpumalanga

“The Hospital Association of South Africa notes with grave concern the announcement of Eskom power cuts in a media statement issued yesterday by the power utility for Doornpoort, Churchill, Kwa Guqa, Witbank ...
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Why are private healthcare costs rising?

It’s no secret that healthcare costs are on the rise. At a medical scheme conference in August last year, it was announced that it will only get worse. However, a number of factors were identified, ...
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Maternity care crisis in private sector

Healthcare management company PPO Serve has raised awareness around an escalating crisis in obstetrics during Pregnancy Awareness Week, which takes place from 8 to 14 February. Many practitioners are leaving active ...
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Immuno-Oncology Fact Sheet: The role of the immune system

1. The human body is regularly exposed to micro-organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, other toxic molecules and cancer cells that cause disease. The immune system consists of a complex collection of organs and ...
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Medical aid – why it’s so important

Those who are young and healthy or have limited finances might find it difficult to see why joining a medical scheme is so important. Sometimes it’s the first expense that gets cut when times are tough but ...
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HASA responds to Dr Kgosi Letlape’s assertion that medical aids are “a crime against humanity”

The Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA) notes with some disappointment reports quoting the Health Professions Council of South Africa’s (HPSCA) Dr Kgosi Letlape as saying that “medical aids ...
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Liberty Health steps up child health efforts in Africa

Vaccines have played a critical role in reducing child mortality rates in Africa, particularly in terms of deaths associated with childhood diseases. Whilst a lot has improved in terms of child health over the ...
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SA’s plan to curb new HIV infections

Pretoria: South Africa is hard at work to meet its target of zero new HIV infections by the year 2030. Currently, about seven million people are living with HIV and Aids in South Africa and 50% of them are receiving ...
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National Department of Health reviews licences of 27 NGOs

Pretoria: The National Department of Health has commenced with processes to review the licences of all the 27 Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who received patients during the Gauteng Mental Health Marathon ...
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GEMS adds value with socially responsible healthcare cover option

Efficient and efficacious use of health resources a global imperative   It is no revelation that healthcare remains a scarce and precious resource, both in South Africa and globally. Similarly, the pool ...
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