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Sample RSS Feed: Press Room »

Below is a sample of the RSS Feed for the Healthcare Consumers Press Room.

Strategic integrated approach to wellness is critical says PwC

Employee wellness is important to organisational success, but a strategic and integrated approach to wellness is critical: PwC analysis South Africa’s employers recognise the benefits of investing in the ...
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Mental illness costs South Africa dearly - Holistic treatment is vital

The high prevalence of mental illness in South Africa not only negatively affects the well-being of millions of people in this country; in terms of productivity it is also costing the country’s economy dearly ...
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Minding mental health in the workplace

There is nothing more valuable than a healthy and happy workforce. Often a company’s success depends on it. “Over and above contributing to a company’s bottom line, promoting workplace wellness ...
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The costs of lifestyle-related illnesses straining medical aid schemes

The rapid rise in lifestyle-related illnesses, resulting from higher rates of obesity in particular, indicate that an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle are fast replacing tobacco as one of the leading causes ...
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Selecting the right people

By Rita Lally, Director SmartMoves Human Capital (Pty) Limited When we refer to recruitment, we seek to attract talent from a pool of people from which candidates for jobs can be chosen. A top priority ...
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Battle with the Prescribed Minimum Benefits pay-in-full scenario demystified

By Brian Watson, Scheme Executive, Genesis Medical Scheme Regulation 8 – unplugged So, what is all the fuss about regulation 8? The answer is, unfortunately not straightforward. To start at the ...
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SA firms slow to follow global employee wellness drive –survey

Alternative work environments, ground breaking workplace perks and innovative employee wellness strategies are on the increase globally, but locally companies are still in two minds on how to best implement measures ...
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How medical aid fraud affects you

By Elmarie Jensen, Marketing Manager, Genesis Medical Scheme Medical aid fraud affects every member The financial burden of fraud and irregular practices that are committed in the private healthcare sector ...
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Robotic-assisted surgery a new treatment of choice for prostate cancer in South Africa

New international surgical gold standard in the fight against prostate cancer is catching on Highly sophisticated robotic-assisted surgery for the treatment of prostate cancer is rapidly catching on in South ...
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Fedhealth Maximising Member Value

June 2015: Addressing members at the 79th AGM of Fedhealth, Fedhealth Principal Officer, Peter Jordan said that Fedhealth had experienced a challenging year in 2014 with healthcare expenditure rising mainly due ...
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The brain game

June is the time when most children and teenagers start preparing for mid-year examinations. So are there any ‘magic bullets’ that can aid in lifting brain fog and improve cognitive functioning? And, ...
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Beware of Counterfeit Medicines! They are common and pose serious health risks

Reg* is a forty three year old man, seemingly healthy in every other respect, complaining of alarming aches and pains, especially in his back, and headache severe enough to keep him off work. “At first I ...
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Why do women outlive men?

SA men should pay closer attention to their health, says expert South African women are outliving men by as much as seven years, according to Professor Jacques Snyman, Clinical Advisor, Resolution Health Medical ...
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Drug addiction in SA takes its toll

Easy access to high quality and relatively cheap drugs, coupled with high levels of unemployment, trauma, violence and the deterioration of social support by family members, friends and the community, has led to ...
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Cultural leap needed to adapt business models to rapidly changing regulatory landscape, says Deloitte

Johannesburg, South Africa: Managing the growing regulatory burden needs to become a key priority at board and management level, but many companies are not adapting fast enough, says director for regulatory and ...
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Testicular cancer – teenagers and young men are at risk

Early treatment success rates are high, say experts A 23-year-old Johannesburg man was “absolutely stunned and very scared” recently when he was diagnosed with cancer of the testicles, also known ...
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