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Tel: 011 726 3052
Fax: 086 535 2220
Unit 3
Sherborne Square
5 Sherborne Rd
PO Box 72589

BEESA Consulting is the country’s leading consulting firm in the area of Financial Sector Charter reporting and training. The firm has assisted many of the industry associations and charter member companies with their implementation, reporting and general understanding of the FSC. The Financial Sector Charter Council has also used the firm’s services in compiling it’s own annual reports and so we have an in depth understanding of the requirements of the FSC.


BEESA has assisted companies of all sizes from listed corporations to SMMEs with their BEE strategy design and implementation. Our consultants were involved in the process of drawing up the BEE Codes and so we possess an understanding of the intention and thinking behind the rules.


Recruitment, training, purchasing and social investment are all examples of areas in a business where decisions are made that affect a company’s performance. They are also all areas that are incorporated into the BEE scorecard. Therefore, BEE strategy and business strategy have to be integrated in order for the business to succeed. Our objective at BEESA is to fast track managers into understanding how BEE affects their decision makings that they can integrate these two strategies.


Our Offerings


·         BEE awareness  workshops for boards, management, transformation committees, staff, suppliers, clients and investor groups

·         Analysing the current BEE status of organisations

·         Preparation for BEE Verifications

·         Design and implementation of BEE strategies

·         Consulting on the development of Sector Charters and Codes

·         Procurement strategies which encourage transformation yet remain cost and quality effective

·         The alignment of internal policies to BEE requirements, covering HR, transformation, employment equity, organisational development, diversity, skills development, enterprise development and socio-economic development.

·         Design of enterprise development and socio-economic development programmes.

·         BEE partner sourcing through our extensive network.

·         Outsourced BEE Management

·         Through one of the other members in the BEESA group, Enterprise Development Services, we offer project management for Enterprise Development initiatives.

·         Through one of the other members in the BEESA group, Thuletsa Academy, we offer a work readiness programme that companies can use for their Socio-Economic Development initiatives.

·         BEE training

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Added Benefits:

Members of retirement funds have the benefit of life and disability cover added to their retirement benefits. Some of these benefits may be taken out without any medical tests up to certain limits. Because retirement funds are operated on a group basis the costs involved for providing these benefits are somewhat cheaper than what it would otherwise be.
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