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Liberty Medical Scheme

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Tel: 0860 000 LMS / 567
Fax: (011) 463 6580

Liberty Medical Scheme offers a range of options that meet our members’ healthcare needs at a price they can afford. We guide members to healthy outcomes by providing the necessary tools and support to make the most of their health when they are well and making the most of their cover when they are unwell.


Making the most of your health when you are well:


Offering preventative care benefits, partnering with wellness programmes and specialists in the field to give members the tools they need to make the most of their health


Making the most of your cover when you are unwell:


Guiding members to healthy outcomes by ensuring that they have the advantage of knowing and understanding their benefits.


Our options include benefits such as:


·         Preventative Care Benefits (PCBs)

We cover a variety of screening and diagnostic tests as well as vaccinations. A number of PCBs are paid from your Major Medical Benefits rather than from your medical savings account.


·         Day-to-Day Extender

The Day-to-Day Extender benefit covers a variety of day-to-day costs from Major Medical Benefits that allows you to enjoy even more benefits without depleting your savings. (Including a Casualty Benefit and GP Network)


·         Professional and Extreme sports cover

We cover injuries sustained during professional and extreme sports in South Africa, within the benefits of the scheme.


·         Accidental Trauma Cover

Accidents happen, that`s why we have no waiting periods on accidental trauma from the first day of membership.


·         Crime Trauma Benefit

The Crime Trauma Benefit aims to help victims of crime trauma by covering the costs of related out-of-hospital medical expenses from the Major Medical Benefits. This means you don’t have to use your own money or the money in your Medical Savings Facility to pay for these services.


·         Child dependant rates for your children, if studying or permanently disabled, until they are 27. Children that are full-time students at a recognised South African institution, or permanently disabled, will pay child dependant rates until 27 years old.


To find out more about Liberty Medical Scheme, contact your financial adviser, call 0860 000 LMS / 567 

or visit

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