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Free Online Discussion – recent regulatory impact on claims






Learn about the recent regulatory impact on claims by joining us online this Friday 18 June 2021.

The amended Policyholder Protection Rules promulgated under section 55(5) of the Short-term Insurance Act as amended and currently in operation, alongside several key board notices has far-reaching implications when it comes to claims procedures and claims disputes.

AN example of one such point is how a later rule provides that any time limitation clause may not include the 90 day period afforded to the policyholder for purposes of making representations regarding a rejected or disputed claim.




Join us this Friday at 11:00 for a free online 30minute discussion by TANSA.

During the discussion Insurance Gateway will also be unveiling our virtual platforms aimed at helping the broker grow their business by generating sales leads for brokers via Insurance Gateway.

Simply click on the link at the bottom of this article



TANSA is a team of dedicated professional Attorneys, Forensic accountants, Disaster Claims Experts and Insurance Specialists focused on Insurance Claims & Dispute Resolution.

Their mission is to support brokers in optimising the claims experience of their clients.

They collaborate with brokers to effectively investigate, formulate, and present large or complex insurance claims to achieve the best possible outcomes. Their core focus;



Alongside brokers, they apply their multidisciplinary skills to prepare, submit and reliably manage the settlement of insurance claims.



If any of your clients’ claims have been unfairly repudiated or if settlement offers do not yield full policy indemnity, reach out to TANSA for a joint review and renegotiation of these claims to ensure that equitable outcomes are always achieved.



Their experienced Insurance Law Advisory team offers professional guidance for brokers to navigate the complexities of all insurance aspects, policies, claims, and disputes.



If you would like to know more, we are inviting you to join our online discussion.

During the session the Insurance Gateway team will open for TANSA, you will also learn how you as a broker can utilize Insurance Gateway to generate sales leads for your brokerage.


Click Here to register



Source: Insurance Gateway
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