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Natmed releases the Second Edition of its Medical Defence Review







Natmed is proud to announce the release of the Second Edition of Natmed’s Medical Defence Review.  This unique publication contains a review of case law and other developments in the medical malpractice industry and is an essential tool in keeping healthcare practitioners and healthcare facility operators up to date whilst also providing lessons and insights regarding any medico-legal related issues. 

The first and second editions of Natmed’s Medical Defence Review, may be found at  These publications are best used in conjunction with Natmed’s Glossary of Medico-Legal and Insurance Terms (Natmedipedia), Natmed’s What If? series and Natmed’s Annual Survey of Medical Malpractice Judgments of 2018.

The Medical Defence Review publications together with the Natmedipedia, Natmed’s ‘What If?’ series and Natmed’s Annual Survey of Medical Malpractice Judgments of 2018 (another industry first publication) are just some of Natmed’s contributions to the healthcare and insurance industries and form part of its support network provided exclusively to Natmed clients.  To learn more about Natmed Medical Defence go to:


Source: Vanessa Rogers
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