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Tel: 082 606 7227


Consumer protection is about looking after customers' best interests.  Brilliance provides solutions, guidance and coaching to help companies succeed by doing what's best for their customers.  Speak to Brilliance to get tools to make Treating Customers Fairly and Conduct of Business much easier to manage. 


Brilliance helps companies become more successful with their customers 

Supporting the success of our clients, we provide:

  1. Online solutions
  2. Guidance and reviews
  3. Coaching and training


1.  Great online solutions designed for financial services firms

Our software-as-a-service products are a pleasure to use, cost-effective and flexibly available on a subscription basis.  These are practical tracking and management solutions to help you in:

-   Complaints management and regulatory reports

-   Conduct management and TCF tracking

-   Third party monitoring and management

-   Employee feedback for recognition and continuous business and product improvement

-   Having bespoke solutions to meet your unique needs

And more.


2.  Let us review your stats, documents or processes and give success-driven guidance

With over 25 years’ expertise in:

-    customer trust and retention

-    building customer-centric culture

-    complaints management and service recovery

-    and good conduct for fair customer outcomes (since 2006)

Brilliance adds direct value through each review that we do. 

We also provide a monthly service of analysing your recorded sales and service calls.  Our reports provide valuable insights for Compliance, Quality Assurance and Customer Experience.


3.   Receive first-class customer-centric coaching

With advanced studies in Customer Communications and Psychology as well as an MBA in customer loyalty, Samantha Hillion-Burns is perfectly placed to give private or small group coaching sessions.  She runs these sessions via via Zoom/Teams/Skype for both local and international clients to increase their success with customers. 


At Brilliance we believe in doing what’s best for customers.  We believe in customer-centric standards and quality management.  We believe in making this world a better place by helping more companies achieve success for their customers with integrity and purpose.

If you want to be brilliant for your customers, we’d love to work with you.

Contact Samantha Hillion-Burns: [email protected]  082 606 7227

Browse our website:


Brilliance loves its clients

Here’s a sample of great companies we have the honour of serving


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Policy Bonus:

In life insurance this refers to bonuses received under a Participating Policy. In short-term insurance this refers to amounts payable in terms of a pre-determined formula applied to the underwriting and investment results achieved on a policy. In a short-term environment policy bonuses are used to encourage insured to apply sound risk management.
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