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Glossary of Terms


Icon P/E effect
Icon Paid Claims
Icon Paid-up Policy
Icon Paid-up value
Icon Par Value
Icon Partial Loss
Icon Partially Vesting
Icon Participating (or with-profit) Insurance
Icon Participating (Sponsoring)
Icon Participating Policy
Icon Participating Reinsurance
Icon Partnership
Icon Passenger Liability Insurance
Icon Passive Management
Icon Past Service Benefit
Icon Pay-As-Paid Clause
Icon Peer Group
Icon Pension
Icon Pension Fund
Icon Pension Funds Act (1956)
Icon Pensioner
Icon Percentile
Icon Performance Guarantee
Icon Peril
Icon Permanent Disability
Icon Permanent Health
Icon Permanent Life Insurance
Icon Persistency
Icon Personal Accident
Icon Personal Effects
Icon Personal Liability
Icon Personal Lines Insurance
Icon PF Circular
Icon Pipeline Premiums
Icon Pluvius
Icon Policies Attaching Basis
Icon Policy
Icon Policy Benefit
Icon Policy Bonus
Icon Policy Date
Icon Policy Fee
Icon Policy Liabilities
Icon Policy Loan
Icon Policy Proceeds
Icon Policy Reserves
Icon Policy Schedule
Icon Policy Year
Icon Policy Year Loss Ratio
Icon Policyholder
Icon Policyholder Protection Rules
Icon Political Riot
Icon Pool
Icon Pooled Fund
Icon Portfolio
Icon Portfolio Claims
Icon Portfolio manager
Icon Portfolio Premiums
Icon Portfolio Reinsurance (transfer)
Icon Portfolio Withdrawal
Icon Post Selection
Icon Power of attorney
Icon Pre-debit
Icon Pre-existing Condition
Icon Preference Shares
Icon Preferred Life
Icon Premium
Icon Premium Amount
Icon Premium Earned
Icon Premium In Force
Icon Premium Loading
Icon Premium Loan
Icon Premium Reserve
Icon Premium Written
Icon Premium Yearly
Icon Prescription Period
Icon Present Value
Icon Preservation Fund
Icon Price discovery
Icon Price Risk
Icon Price-book ratio
Icon Price-earnings ratio
Icon Price-sales ratio
Icon Primary Beneficiary
Icon Primary Layer
Icon Prime
Icon Principal Officer
Icon Principal Sum
Icon Priority Point
Icon Product Liability Insurance
Icon Professional Indemnity Insurance
Icon Professional Reinsurer
Icon Profit Commission
Icon Profit Sharing Plan
Icon Promissory Note
Icon Proof Of Loss
Icon Property
Icon Property Insurance
Icon Property Policy
Icon Proportional Reinsurance
Icon Proposal
Icon Prospective Rating Plan
Icon Prospective Reserve
Icon Provident Fund
Icon Provision
Icon Proximate Cause
Icon Prudential Funds
Icon Prudential Investment Guidelines
Icon Public Adjuster
Icon Public Liability Insurance
Icon Publicly Traded Companies
Icon PUF
Icon Pure Endowment
Icon Pure Loss Cost
Icon Put
Icon Put Option
Icon Put option (American)
Icon Put option (European)
Icon Pyramid scheme
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Family Group Policy:

A type of life insurance policy covering several members of a family under one policy. The insurance is payable upon each death. The advantage of this policy is in reducing administration and collection expenses by having one policy instead of several.
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