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Glossary of Terms


Icon Rand Hedging
Icon Rand-cost Averaging
Icon Rand-denominated Offshore Investments
Icon Rating Agency
Icon Re-transaction
Icon Real GDP
Icon Real rate of return
Icon Reassured / Reinsured
Icon Rebating
Icon Recent Developments and Prospects
Icon Reciprocity
Icon Rectification
Icon Redating
Icon Redemption
Icon Reducing Term Insurance
Icon Registered
Icon Registrar
Icon Registrar of Pension Funds
Icon Regulation
Icon Regulation 28
Icon Reinstatement (Claims)
Icon Reinstatement (Life Insurance)
Icon Reinstatement (Reinsurance)
Icon Reinsurance
Icon Reinsurance Assumed
Icon Reinsurance Ceded
Icon Reinsurance Inwards
Icon Reinsurance Outwards
Icon Reinsurance Premium
Icon Reinsurer
Icon Reinsurer’s Expenses
Icon Relative Performance
Icon Relative return
Icon Relative Risk
Icon Release
Icon Renewable Term Insurance
Icon Renewal
Icon Renewal Certificate
Icon Renewal Notice
Icon Renewal Premium
Icon Replacement Of The Heart Valve
Icon Replacement Value Insurance
Icon Repo Rate
Icon Repurchase Price
Icon Reputational Risk
Icon Required Rate of Return (RRR)
Icon Required return
Icon Retail Investment Product
Icon Retained Reserves
Icon Retention
Icon Retirement Age
Icon Retirement Annuity
Icon Retirement Annuity Fund
Icon Retirement Fund Tax
Icon Retrocede
Icon Retrocedent
Icon Retrocession
Icon Retrocessionaire
Icon Retrospective Premium
Icon Retrospective Rating (self-rating)
Icon Retrospective Rating Plan
Icon Return Attribution Analysis
Icon Return Differentials
Icon Return on assets (ROA)
Icon Return on capital employed (ROCE)
Icon Return on equity (ROE)
Icon Return on investment (ROI)
Icon Return Premium
Icon Return Premium Insurance
Icon Reuters
Icon Revaluation
Icon Reversionary Bonus
Icon Reversionary Bonus
Icon Rider
Icon Rights Issue
Icon Risk
Icon Risk Excess
Icon Risk Financing
Icon Risk lover
Icon Risk management
Icon Risk Management
Icon Risk Of Adverse Deviation
Icon Risk Premium Reinsurance
Icon Risk Type
Icon Risk-adjusted returns
Icon Risk-averse
Icon Risky assets
Icon Rolling Window/Period
Icon Royalty
Icon Rules - Retirement Fund
Icon Run Off
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Highly Protected Risk:

Risks where steps have been taken to reduce the frequency and severity of claims. Such actions usually result in reduced premiums.
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