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The Risk Doctor Partnership


Since 2003, The Risk Doctor Partnership has provided specialist risk management consultancy from our global team of senior risk experts. We offer high-quality professional advice to clients across the world, combining leading-edge thinking with expert practical application, providing access to the latest developments in risk management best practice.

The Risk Doctor Partnership is led by Dr David Hillson, The Risk Doctor. David has a global reputation as a thought-leader in risk, and he speaks and writes often on the topic.

Services from The Risk Doctor Partnership are available worldwide through our network of partners, who include world-class experts in various risk specialisms.

Full details of the business are on our website ( The website also offers a wide range of free resources (videos, webinars, briefings and papers), and you can raise specific queries for rapid diagnosis. 

Company Press Releases »

Icon Managing Contract Claims Risk
14 Feb 18 | Read More »
By Kate Boothroyd/The Risk Doctor Partnership Many organisations in the construction industry want to know how to minimise the risk of contractor claims during the execution phase of a project, after contracts have been signed and work has started on site. While this ...
Icon Risk leaders need to dance TANGO
15 Jan 18 | Read More »
    Dr David Hillson, The Risk Doctor Partnership       Risk practitioners seek inspiration from many different places, but not many look to the world of professional dancing to improve their leadership effectiveness. ...
Icon The Evolution of Risk
16 Nov 17 | Read More »
Magda Stepanyan/The Risk Doctor Partnership The concept of risk has evolved a long way since its origin at the end of the Middle Ages, up to the way risk is understood today. Four main stages of evolutionary development can be identified: Risk as objective danger ...
Icon Managing Risky Stakeholders
03 Oct 17 | Read More »
    Dr David Hillson/The Risk Doctor Partnership       Stakeholders can pose a real risk to our businesses and projects - at least some of them can - and managers and their teams need to be aware of this so they can take ...
Icon Prioritising opportunities using Red/Yellow/Green?
06 Jul 17 | Read More »
      David Hillson, The Risk Doctor Partnership     A client recently said they were not happy using the standard red/yellow/green colour scheme in the Probability-Impact (P-I) Matrix for risk prioritisation, because ...
Icon The anatomy of risk
30 May 17 | Read More »
Magda Stepanyan, The Risk Doctor Partnership It is clearly important for us to understand the nature of a risk properly if we are to manage it effectively. Many people only consider a limited number of risk characteristics, leading to a limited ability to manage risk ...
Icon Addressing Risk with VUCA-Prime
28 Apr 17 | Read More »
    Dr David Hillson The Risk Doctor Partnership       Many risk practitioners have heard of VUCA as a way of describing an environment which gives rise to risk. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and ...
Icon Democratic Risk Management
13 Mar 17 | Read More »
By Rasoul Abdolmohammadi, The Risk Doctor Partnership Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill seemed to have a problem with democracy! He famously said "Democ­racy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried ...
Icon Communicating Risk for Attention and Action
24 Jan 17 | Read More »
    Dr David Hillson The Risk Doctor Partnership        Communication is difficult, especially when we are dealing with uncertainties that matter. People need to know which uncertainties are most important, and ...
Icon Who dares wins!
19 Dec 16 | Read More »
By Rose-Hélène Humeau The Risk Doctor Partnership "Who Dares Wins" is the motto of the British SAS (Special Air Service), and it has also been adopted by another eleven elite special forces units around the world. If we applied this slogan in ...
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Policy Reserves:

The funds that the insurer holds specifically for the fulfillment of its policy obligations. Reserves are required to be calculated so that, together with future premium payments and interest earnings, they will enable the insurer to pay all future claims.
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