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Established in 1970, Surge Technology, trading as Surgetek, specialises in all aspects of lightning and surge protection. Since its inception, the company has played a leading role in drafting relevant SABS earthing and lightning protection codes, and its highly experienced staff has served on various SABS IEC liaison committees. Surge Technology is listed with the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Programme and certification was awarded during July 1999.


Today, Surgetek is a 100% black owned (BBBEE) company and is the exclusive distributor of the DEHN + SÖHNE product range in South Africa and surrounding 39 Sub-Saharan Africa countries.


Surgetek's power protection and safety equipment bear the SABS mark of approval and are specified by major users. Included amongst its customers are government departments (civilian and military/defence), state-owned enterprises and companies/entities/organizations in the following sectors - banking and financial services, telecommunications, transport, agriculture, minerals and mining, energy and water, education, science and technology, housing, security, justice and correctional services, tourism and hospitality, health, sport/recreation/entertainment, manufacturing and construction, amongst others.


Visit our website for further information about our products and services.

Company Press Releases »

Icon Saltek’s signal and instrumentation protection
26 Sep 14 | Read More »
Saltek’s FLP-B+C MAXI VS/1+1 is a Class 1 and Class 2 combined lightning current arrester designed to protect LV single phase TT (TNS, TNCS) networks against surge voltages due to direct or indirect lightning strikes. Saltek’s FLP-B+C MAXI ...
Icon Versatile single-pole surge arrester
20 Aug 14 | Read More »
Saltek’s SLP-275 VS is a single-pole Class 2 surge arrester designed to protect against induced lightning surge currents or localised switching surges in Low Voltage (LV) networks. The Saltek SLP-275 VS single-pole Class 2 surge arrester With its replaceable varistor ...
Icon Surge arrester for sensitive electronics
04 Aug 14 | Read More »
The SLP-275 VD/3+1 Class 2, three-pole varistor surge arrester and encapsulated spark gap available from Surgetek, is suitable for use in all electrical distribution boards if a Class 1 lightning current arrester is installed in upstream boards. The Saltek SLP-275 VD/3+1 The ...
Icon Telecommunication and data line protection
11 Jul 14 | Read More »
Saltek’s Class 1 BDG-24 lightning current arresters are designed to protect two-wire telecommunication, data and other lines, as well as the communication interface of measurement and control, electronic security and fire detection systems against direct and indirect ...
Icon General purpose surge arrester for low voltage installations
23 Jun 14 | Read More »
Saltek’s SLP-440V (S) is a single-pole, pluggable varistor and spark-gap-based surge arrester designed for general purpose use in LV installations. The arrester has a fast response time and protects against overvoltage effects induced during a lightning strike. The ...
Icon Surge arresters for photovoltaic systems
19 May 14 | Read More »
Photovoltaic arrays are costly to install and their service life must be measured in decades to see a return on investment. In order to provide a photovoltaic system with trouble-free operation throughout its service life comprehensive protection against atmospheric and ...
Icon New BLITZDUCTOR SP – pluggable din rail mounted surge arresters
29 Apr 14 | Read More »
BLITZDUCTOR SP is a pluggable, multipole, universal surge arrester for use as a terminal block system in measuring and control circuits, bus, alarm and telecommunication systems. The surge arresters combine a permanently high impulse current discharge capacity with an extremely ...
Icon The DEHNbox combined lightning current and surge arrester
16 Jan 14 | Read More »
SPD WITH ACTIVSENSE TECHNOLOGY DEHN’s DEHNbox is a combined lightning current and surge arrester designed for protecting information and automation equipment and systems. It is capable of carrying lightning currents up to 10 kA (10/350 μs). Due to its actiVsense ...
Icon Lightning and Surge Protection - DEHNconnect DCO SD2 Terminal Blocks
01 Nov 13 | Read More »
DEHN’s DEHNconnect SD2 surge arresters are designed as space-saving terminal blocks with a width of 6 mm. These terminal blocks with integrated surge protection have a modular disconnection function that allows the user to interrupt the signal circuit for maintenance ...
Icon New surge arresters for string inverters
02 Oct 13 | Read More »
DEHN’s compact DEHNguard YPV SCI surge arrester is specifically designed for string inverters in photovoltaic systems. String inverters cost-effectively convert the direct current generated by solar panels into high-quality alternating current that can be fed into ...
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