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IconBBBEE Consulting and Verification Agencies
IconConsumer Protection
IconCorporate Governance
IconCredit Bureaus
IconDefensive Driver Training
IconEmergency Medical Rescue
IconForensic Investigation Services
IconInsurance Brokers - Alphabetical Listing
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Glossary of Terms


Icon CAC 40 Index
Icon Calendar Year Basis
Icon Call Account
Icon Call Option
Icon Call option (American)
Icon Call option (European)
Icon Call Rate of Interest
Icon Cancellation
Icon Cancellation Clause
Icon Cancellation, Flat
Icon Cancellation, Pro-rata
Icon Cancellation, Rewrite
Icon Cancellation, Short Rate
Icon Cancer
Icon Capacity
Icon Capital
Icon Capital Adequacy Requirement
Icon Capital Appreciation
Icon Capital asset pricing model (CAPM)
Icon Capital gains tax
Icon Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Policies
Icon Capital Market
Icon Capital Protection
Icon Capitalize
Icon Capped Portfolios
Icon Captive Insurance Company
Icon Cargo Insurance
Icon Carrier
Icon Case Estimate Basis
Icon Cash
Icon Cash Deposits
Icon Cash Flow Underwriting
Icon Cash Investments
Icon Cash Loss
Icon Cash Portfolio
Icon Cash Value
Icon Casualty
Icon Catastrophe (life)
Icon Catastrophe (Short-Term)
Icon Catastrophe Reinsurance
Icon Cede
Icon Ceding Company
Icon Cell Captive Insurer
Icon Cell Owner
Icon Certificate
Icon Certificates of Deposit/Bank Notes
Icon Certificates of Deposit/Bank Notes
Icon Cession
Icon Children’s Policy
Icon Churning
Icon Citi WGBI
Icon Civil Damages
Icon Civil Liability
Icon Claim (Life)
Icon Claim (Short-term)
Icon Claim Development
Icon Claim File
Icon Claim Free Group
Icon Claimant
Icon Claims Co-operation Clause
Icon Claims Handling Expenses
Icon Claims Incurred
Icon Claims Incurred But Not Reported
Icon Claims intimated but not finalised
Icon Claims Made Basis
Icon Claims Occurring Basis
Icon Claims Ratios
Icon Claims Reported
Icon Claims Settlement Expenses
Icon Class Rate
Icon Clean Cut
Icon Clean Price
Icon Clearing
Icon Close Corporation
Icon Closed Fund
Icon Closing Instructions
Icon Closing Price
Icon Co-efficient System
Icon Co-insurance (Life)
Icon Co-insurance (Short-term)
Icon Co-payment
Icon Co-Trustee
Icon Codicil
Icon Collecting Books
Icon Collective Policy
Icon Collision
Icon Collision Damage Waiver
Icon Coma
Icon Combined Ratio
Icon Commercial Insurance
Icon Commercial Paper
Icon Commission
Icon Commodity
Icon Common Account
Icon Commutation Clause
Icon Commuted Value
Icon Company
Icon Company-Owned Policy
Icon Comparative Indices
Icon Composite
Icon Compound Interest
Icon Comprehensive Motor
Icon Compulsory Third Party
Icon Concealment
Icon Concurrent Insurance
Icon Conditions
Icon Consequential Loss
Icon Conservation
Icon Consideration
Icon Consolidated Financial Statement
Icon Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Icon Consumer Sector Funds
Icon Contents rate
Icon Contingency reserve
Icon Contingent (Profit) commission
Icon Contingent Beneficiary
Icon Contingent Liability
Icon Contract
Icon Contractors All Risks
Icon Contribution
Icon Contributions (Pension Fund)
Icon Contributory Fund
Icon Contributory Negligence
Icon Control
Icon Conventional Policies
Icon Conversion
Icon Convertible Loan Stock
Icon Convertible Term Insurance
Icon Convexity
Icon Coronary artery disease requiring surgery
Icon Corporate Paper/Notes
Icon Correlation
Icon Counterparty
Icon Coupon
Icon Coupon Rate
Icon Cover
Icon Cover Note
Icon Credit Life Insurance
Icon Credit Rating
Icon Creditor insurance
Icon Creditors
Icon Creditworthiness (Credit Risk/Issuer Risk)
Icon Crop Insurance
Icon Cross Subsidy
Icon Crude Death Rate
Icon Cum Dividend
Icon Current Ratio
Icon Cut Off
Icon Cut Through Clause
Icon Cyclical Companies
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Specific Asset Selection:

Refers to actively picking stocks having unique characteristics not captured by the style and industry factors of the BARRA model.
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