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Introducing Our New Website!

Published: Mon, 29 Jul 19

The Insurance Gateway® team is excited to share our new website with you. Given our strategic objectives for 2019 and the fact that our last website redesign was over five years ago, we decided on a much anticipated mid-year launch. za was founded in 2005 by the late Michael Stoker as an insurance and financial ...
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What thinking about spending can teach us about saving

Published: Thu, 25 Jul 19

By Nirdev Desai, Head of Sales at PSG Wealth In our modern economy, money is a means to survival. You need to provide for your basic needs – a roof over your head, food on your table, transport, clothing and so on. We buy more than we need and spend on things, not because we need them, but because we like ...
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Tragedy reminds property owners to check insurance cover

Published: Tue, 16 Jul 19

Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution at PSG Insure   Tragedy due to gas explosions struck twice within days of each other this July. In the first incident, several buildings were destroyed when a truck that was carrying gas through the small town of Worcester exploded while in the second incident ...
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The real cost of car theft and accidents

Published: Thu, 11 Jul 19

It pays to mitigate your risk While insurance is an essential aspect of recovering financially from a vehicle theft or accident, there are still unexpected costs you may not have planned for, and some which you cannot attach a monetary value to. “The best advice is to mitigate your risk as far as possible ...
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Three myths busted when it comes to saving on your short-term insurance

Published: Wed, 10 Jul 19

As July is National Savings Month, it’s a time to reflect on your budget looking at where you are spending and where you could save more. Thinking you can cut costs on your insurance, however, is a potentially common misconception. “If you aren’t covered sufficiently in favour of paying cheaper premiums, ...
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AGCS appoints new global leadership positions in Alternative Risk Transfer and Crisis Management lines of business

Published: Wed, 10 Jul 19

Christof Bentele, previously Head of Global Crisis Management, assumes a newly created position as Head of Global Client Management at the Alternative Risk Transfer line of business Two successors for reorganized Crisis Management practice: Björn Reusswig is appointed Head of Global Political Violence and Hostile ...
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Reshika Vallabh appointed Head of Underwriting of Coface South Africa

Published: Tue, 02 Jul 19

              Reshika Vallabh   Reshika Vallabh, who has been with Coface South Africa for over 10 years, has been appointed as the Head of Underwriting (Commercial and Risk), following Johan Coetzee’s decision to relocate ...
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FSCA appoint the new Divisional Executive for Conduct of Business Supervision

Published: Fri, 28 Jun 19

FSCA commissioner, Mr Abel Sithole has appointed Ms. Kedibone Dikokwe as the Divisional Executive: Conduct of Business Supervision, effective from 1 July 2019. This is the division that supervises the way financial institutions interact with their customers. Dikokwe will oversee the implementation of the FSCA's ...
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Allianz appoints Senior Liability Underwriter

Published: Thu, 27 Jun 19

        Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) Africa appointed Curtis Rigney as Senior Liability Underwriter on June 1, 2019. He has 17 years of experience in short term insurance having worked for local and international insurers. Curtis holds an Associateship ...
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Good groundwork for short-term insurance

Published: Thu, 27 Jun 19

Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution at PSG Insure Having adequate short-term insurance cover is an important part of ensuring that your younger loved ones are well taken care of. When they leave home, preparing your older child (or perhaps a younger sibling, or friend) for the adult world ahead will ...
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Get your home ready for Winter

Published: Fri, 21 Jun 19

Winter is an opportune time to undertake the vital maintenance and repairs necessary to ensure your safety at home. “These tips will help you manage the challenges that come with winter and colder temperatures,” says Mandy Barrett of insurance brokerage and risk advisors, Aon South Africa             Winter ...
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Nobuhle Nkosi appointed AGCS Africa Head of Liability and Financial Lines

Published: Thu, 20 Jun 19

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Morocco: payment delays are improving but remain too long

Published: Thu, 20 Jun 19

Coface's fourth survey on payment terms in Morocco shows a situation that remains worrying despite a slight improvement. Coface presents its fourth survey on the payment behavior of companies in Morocco. Carried out at the beginning of 2019, this survey aims to monitor the evolution of payment terms ...
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Natural gas: an oscillation between boom and gloom

Published: Thu, 20 Jun 19

The natural gas market is booming and will increase in the medium term, but many factors point to a less promising future. Until recently, natural gas was acclaimed as the "cleanest" of fossil fuels and all indicators point to an increase in demand and production. However, the market is evolving ...
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Allianz Africa COO appointed President of the AIO

Published: Thu, 13 Jun 19

Delphine Traore Maidou Allianz Africa COO       Johannesburg, June 12, 2019 – Allianz Africa announced the appointment of Allianz Africa Chief Operations Officer (COO), Delphine Traoré, as President ...
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Allianz partners with the AIO at their 46th annual conference

Published: Tue, 11 Jun 19

Over a 1000 delegates from over 60 countries will be present at one of the largest insurance gatherings The theme of the conference is Insurance penetration in Africa: “Insuring the uninsured”. Allianz to continue increasing insurance coverage for individuals and businesses in Africa ...
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AGCS Offers Response Services in Environmental Emergencies for Policyholders

Published: Thu, 06 Jun 19

AGCS partners with GM Consultant and HETI to provide an effective response to pollution and contamination incidents Global vendor network provides seamless response, including 24/7 crisis hotline and intervention in 30 countries across Europe, Asia and North/South America Crisis management services are becoming ...
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Allianz: Shipping losses lowest this century, but incident numbers remain high

Published: Thu, 06 Jun 19

Safety and Shipping Review 2019: 46 large ships lost worldwide in 2018, down by a record 50% annually and 55% below the 10-year average of 104. Total losses significantly fell in accident hotspots such as South East Asia. Machinery damage is the major cause, responsible for US $1bn worth of marine insurance industry ...
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Published: Tue, 04 Jun 19

The recent resignations of the CEOs of Eskom and South African Airways have again focussed the spotlight on board performance and effectiveness. Inevitably, the critical question arises: why are these CEOs really leaving? In considering the answer to this question one must include a review of ...
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Published: Mon, 27 May 19

Visionary leaders do not underestimate the power of the Corporate Governance Framework® in driving organisational culture. These leaders appreciate the importance of a governance framework in nurturing sustainability by driving values-based decision-making to “play the long game”. Vision To build ...
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