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Car insurance for women: Keeping you safe no matter where you are






For today’s woman who owns a car, motor insurance is a must-have. However, there are various issues to keep in mind when you, as a woman, buy cover for your vehicle.


The first question to ask is whether your insurance considers your gender in the underwriting process. The reason for this is simple. Statistics analysed by various insurance companies have shown that women – in general – tend to be much safer drivers compared to their male counterparts and should therefore have a lower risk profile.


Although independent surveys on this issue are not done in South Africa, the survey done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in the US in April 2021 has shown that women tend to be safer drivers compared to their male counterparts. This survey showed that women drivers generally have smaller accidents at maybe a higher frequency when compared to men who tend to have fewer accidents but usually at a high value. Men also tend to be more likely to write off their vehicles because they like to drive fast.


The survey further shows that women tend to be more cautious on the road and obey traffic laws. They tend to speed less and do not skip stop signs as often as compared to men. Therefore, accidents caused by women are usually a scratch or minor dent. However, as they share the road with many other drivers, the possibility of being involved in an accident always remains a concern.


But, owning a vehicle is much more than just about the actual driving thereof. Arrive Alive points out that “even though all motorists need to be alert and cautious on the road, female drivers, unfortunately, have to be even more vigilant to avoid falling prey to criminal acts such as hijacking, intimidation, sexual assault or worse.” That is simply because women are often seen as “softer” targets compared to men.


As a financial services company focused solely on providing financial solutions for graduate professionals, PPS Short-Term Insurance is geared to provide vehicle and other short-term insurance solutions to put the professional woman’s mind at ease that their policy has them covered.



Not only do we offer cover that considers women driver’s risk profiles and previous claims history when underwriting, but we offer value-added services such as Chauffeur/Take Me Home and Protect Me.


We understand that as a professional, you might need to work long hours. With our app, should you have to drive home at night and feel unsafe – or for that matter, any time during the day – you can call our Chauffer/Take Me Home service to either drive you home safely, or accompany you all the way home. The app, also provides a Protect Me service which places a panic button in your hand, giving you access to a 24-hour armed response, for you and your family.


On top of these, our Emergency 24/7 SOS service gives you roadside assistance when you need it most. We assist with mechanical/electrical breakdowns (including tow-in services if needed), jump-starting your vehicle, a tyre change service if you get stuck with a flat tyre, fuel delivery should you ever run out of fuel, and will even come and assist should you have locked your keys inside your vehicle.


All these services will ensure that you, as a professional, are not only covered financially should you suffer damage or if your vehicle is stolen, but it will give you the independence you need to perform at your best.

Source: Wilma van der Walt, Executive: Customer Experience and Operations at PPS Short-Term Insurance
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